Conference and Incentive Management


Why is Directions Unique?

  • 30 Years Experience
    A full-service event management and marketing agency with solid experience successfully delivering programs in Australia and across the globe. Directions provides services across event management and travel logistics, marketing, branding and production.
  • Financial Stability
    Our foundations are solid and our financial management capability is sound. Since our inception in 1987 we have built up to a turnover of over $25 million per year – we’re here for the long haul!
  • Innovation, Creativity and Strategic Thinking
    We delve deeply into your brand to understand your mission, vision, values and key objectives and deliver events that engage your brand with your key stakeholders. We’ll always proactively bring new thinking and strategies to the table that will help take your event and brand engagement to the next level.
  • Client-focussed Culture
    We have a vibrant ‘can-do’ attitude, passionate about creating experiences that will take our clients’ business and brand to new heights. Our people are highly-experienced. We’re committed to exceeding client expectations, and understand the value of working in collaboration with you and sharing as a team. We are a team that goes the extra mile to ensure our client’s vision is realised.
  • Value for Money
    Our negotiating power, established network of supplier relationships and meticulous approach to detail enable us to create events that provide excellent value for money without compromising quality, service or creativity.
  • Unrivalled Expertise
    We create over 65 events globally per year, in 42 countries for over 12,500 delegates.
  • Agility, Resilience and Responsiveness
    We’ve faced everything from government coups, monsoons, typhoons, civil war, pandemics and earth quakes. In any challenging situation Directions will be quick to respond and take decisive action – we’ll mobilise your people, keep them out of harms way and return them home safely mitigating risk along the way.

Conference and Event Management

Our driving force has always been to create engaging events which empower our clients to communicate effectively with their audience and to strengthen their brand, providing the necessary support to ensure the occasion not only meets but exceeds all expectations.

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Virtual and Hybrid Events

Our long-standing reputation of logistical excellence, creativity and innovation is the key to success when delivering a virtual event. We will deliver your events seamlessly, providing both an impactful and meaningful guest experience.

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Incentive Travel Management

When it comes to motivating your teams, suppliers and clients to go that extra mile to out-perform the competition there’s few things more enticing than incentive travel or a one-off experience of a lifetime.

  • Directions has over 30 years experience in Events and Travel. Our teams are structured to ensure full end-to-end service of events.
  • Key suppliers and retailers trust and recognise the value of the relationships we have and the experiences we provide.
  • High satisfaction rate of key stakeholders – your executive team.
  • We are not a TMC based mythology or culture. We are tailored to the incentive market. We are independant and unique.
  • Directions has a dedicated Travel Agency.
  • We provide ISOS with the required details of your team members to minimise their risk onsite.
  • We follow FBT guidelines and requirements to ensure your programs meet the specified requirements.
  • We adhere to and are actively supportive of our client’s policies and procedures. We work closely with our clients to govern these procedures to ensure correct output.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and our service levels.
  • We utilise leading event technology including advanced virtual and hybrid systems.
  • Our demonstrated Supplier Relationships add value through negotiations especially with air and all supplier partners during COVID-19.
  • We invest in our client relationships through dedication, effort, time and financial resources.